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Très cool ce petit jeu, les effets de particules sont sympa derrière les chats aussi (et bien joué  avoir exploité ce jeu de mot xD )


Epic Game :D

No it's a Unity game :P


My Wife and I played your game on my channel and had a lot of fun! I also clipped through the floor and fell forever at one point if you wanna take a look and see that! Thank you so much for making such a cool and fun game! 

Thank you so much we really enjoyed it xD I'm gonna share your video ;)

thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed it! :D

Great Game! We did a whole video featuring it on our YouTube channel. You can check it out here:

Let us know when you add anything to it and we’ll make another video! Keep up the great work!

hey ! pretty fun video review thanks ! ;)

this seems like it could be cool. especially if you create really tight controls and great cat animations. currently the keyboard controls are a mess. just the beginning though, good luck!


Hey guys, really fun game, but just to let know as much fun as the pun is, "croquette" is a food type and I believe you mean "crochet" as in knitting, although it doesn't rhyme with rocket! 

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Thanks ! Actually in French "Croquette" means cat food, so that's fine for us ;).